Hamodrakas Catering

After successfully completing 95 years in the business, "Hamodrakas" continues its tradition in good quality food by establishing a catering branch.

In addition to the various seafood flavors that have made "Hamodrakas" known, many new selections of unique dishes with a unique appearance are only a part of what "Hamodrakas catering" has to offer. Greek and international cuisine are also an alternative. A wide range of flavors are available; for those who love spicy food many different herbs and hot spices. For more delicate tastes, creamy velvety sauces that are different from all the rest. Every occasion is treated with special attention and is made to fit the needs of every client. "Hamodrakas catering" promises: cocktail parties, wedding receptions, barbeques, beach parties, dinner parties etc. with a unique character, appearance, organization and last but not least, top quality in the food.

Responsible for "Hamodrakas catering" is Mr. Panayiotis Gofas, who with his experience in the field of food and his personal training at the Culinary School of N.York will surely have different proposals and suggestions to offer.