Hamodrakas classic


Steamed mussels
With hot pepper, lemon and parsley

Steamed mussels with fresh tomato
With green hot pepper & feta cheese

Mussel pilaf local traditional recipe
Mussels in rice with saffron and white wine

Fried calamari** 

Fried anchovies gavros 

Anchovies gavros sahanaki
Anchovies in a sauce made from olive oil, lemon, mustard and parsley

Hamodrakas’ shrimps in fresh tomato sauce
Shrimps in fresh tomato sauce, variety of cheese and hot pepper

Greek salad
Cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, oregano, olives, egg, red pepper, onion, virgin olive oil

Fried zucchini

Grilled florinis (sweet red) peppers
Grilled by us in the traditional way