Our proposal on salads

Lentil salad with kinoa
Lentils, kinoa, celery, pine seeds, spring onions, parsley, tomato cubes, with white lemon creamy sauce

Ravdouchos’ salad
Arugula, spinach, lettuce, fresh dill and fresh onions, pomegranate seeds, pine nuts, Sesame, vinegraitte made with virgin olive oil and vinegar from aged Limnio wine

Hamodrakas‘ salad
Iceberg lettuce with feta cheese, garlic, oregano and vinaigrette sauce

Paulette’s seafood salad
Lettuce, octopus**, calamari**, shrimps**, mussels sautéed with sesame and pine nuts, with white wine Samos, sun dried tomatoes and vinaigrette made with virgin olive oil

Crab salad
Crab on lettuce & arugula, with dill, in yoghurt sauce

Wild mountain greens
Seasonal variety of green amaranth, smooth sow thistle, endive